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  • Jia HAN

E-Cycle: An innovative APP with Social Engagement

Updated: Nov 12, 2022


How can we tackle down the pain points of E-WASTE handling through an innovative APP and social engagement?

About the e-waste issue

A record 53.6 million tonnes of e-waste was produced globally in 2019;
$57 billion in gold and other components discarded — mostly dumped or burned.

- from "Global E-Waste Surging: Up 21% in 5 Years" by United Nations University

The main issues of e-waste can generally be categorized as follows:

  • Huge volume.(an annual volume of 120 million tons is predicated in 2050)

  • Requires a very complicated sorting process to recycle. (up to 60 elements in the periodic table can be found in complex electronic products)

  • Big economic value is being wasted as high-value materials are being dumped.

About the project

United Nations is advocating a new Circular Vision for Electronics that includes:

  • Design - Products designed for durability, reuse and safe recycling, substances of concern substituted out.

  • Repair, second life, and durability - Products last longer and have a second or third lives aided by advanced refurbishment and repair and efficient second hand markets.

  • Higher product collection and return with incentives for consumers.

  • Advanced recycling and recapture.

My project is trying to relieve two major pain points of e-waste recycling through an innovative APP system:

  1. Raise awareness of proper e-waste handling

  2. Better connect manufacturers, recyclers, and consumers during the recycling process.

An innovative solution

E-Cycle, the first e-waste recycle system, provides a bounce between users and recyclers, linking deliverers and community recycle boxes, aiming for a cleaner environment.

- by Jia HAN, designer of E-Cycle

Going forward

This six-month design project is just a start of my exploration of the worldwide e-waste challenges we are facing. I would love to hear more opinions regarding:

  • Views and suggestions on current e-waste recycling founding policies in China

  • Ideas to improve the cost efficiency of the APP with the sustainability spirit in a whole way.

  • The business strategy and profit potential of the APP.

Please feel free to drop me a line!

My email address is

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